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"Hoosier Sugar Pie?"

This sugar cream pie is decadent and very rich. Unlike the vanilla cream pie on our list, the sugar cream pie does not have a meringue top. Butter, sugar, and cream make this traditional Indiana favorite a hit! Sugar Cream Pie is the Indiana State Pie.

Ingredients: cream, sugar, flour, vegetable shortening, butter, cornstarch, salt, nutmeg

Sugar Cream Pie is the State Pie of Indiana, home to My Sugar Pie!

My Sugar Pie will be featured in the November 28th, 2013 issue!

“Pity the folks who have only sampled rhubarb as strawberry's costar--then send them a slice from My Sugar Pie.” - Oprah's blog

CountryLiving Magazine named our Sugar Cream Pie one of The Best Mail-Order Pies in the United States.

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